John Grinder and Richard Bandler

The History of Early NLP
The Founders: John Grinder and Richard Bandler

The development of early NLP was strongly influenced by the cognitive psychology of Noam Chomsky, the gestalt therapy of Fritz Perls, and the family systems therapy of Virginia Satir.


The Literature and Further Developments of Early NLP

From the beginning of their collaboration in 1972, John Grinder and Richard Bandler noticed that language patterns were key to the success of the highly accomplished psychotherapists whose competence they were modeling.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP After 1976

By the end of 1976, Grinder and Bandler had combined Satir’s and Perls’ language patterns and Erickson’s hypnotic language and use of metaphorwith anchoring to create new processes that they called collapsing anchors, trans-derivational search, changing personal history, and reframing.