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Book Facts

Publication date: June 2017
Original Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-9404068518
xx + 228 pages
Publisher: White Cloud Press
Distribution: Publishers Group West/Ingram
Contact: Steve Scholl – White Cloud Marketing:

About the Authors

CARL BUCHHEIT has a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology from the International University of Professional Studies. Carl began studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming in 1979. His career in NLP began at the NLP Center for Advanced Studies, founded by Leslie Cameron-Bandler, where, from 1985 to 1989, he was an NLP trainer and, from 1986 to 1989, the Center’s owner. From 1993 to the present, Carl has been the owner and Director of Training at NLP Marin in San Rafael, California. Carl travels globally, lecturing and teaching the innovative methodology that he calls Transformational NLP, but his main focus continues to be on working with students and clients directly. Currently, he teaches thirty-five three-day training weekends per year, and on weekdays he works with fifteen to twenty individuals or couples per week in his private practice. It is possible that Carl has taught more classes and worked with more personal clients than any NLP trainer/practitioner in the world.

ELLIE SCHAMBER has a Ph.D. in European Intellectual and Cultural History from the University of California at Berkeley. She revised her Ph.D. dissertation into a book that was published by University Press in 1984. She has taught at Lone Mountain College, the University of Arizona, Mississippi State University, Southeastern Louisiana University, and Kaplan University. Since 2008 she has facilitated distance-learning courses at Boston University. She also tutors high school students for the SAT and adults in improving their writing and reading comprehension. Ellie became a student of Carl Buchheit at NLP Marin in 2000, and has continued to study and practice Transformational NLP since then. She currently resides and works in Mill Valley, California.

About the Book

Why do people have so much difficulty achieving their goals, making big changes, and becoming the people they want to be? If we can imagine it, why can’t we achieve it?

Transformational NLP: A New Psychology offers a new understanding of how the brain really works. Transformational NLP is a ground-breaking synthesis of psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and spirituality, bridging the domains of psychotherapy and coaching. While the practice looks like psychotherapy, it utilizes NLP as well as innovations drawn from quantum physics, psychology, and recent discoveries in neuroscience and systemic constellations. In Transformational NLP: A New Psychology, Carl Buchheit offers a new methodology to achieve our goals for personal transformation and happiness that actually works!

“Transformational NLP expands the tools of traditional NLP in innovative and powerful ways. Carl Buchheit offers new insights and approaches that empower people to make choices in their lives that lead to greater joy, love, and fulfillment.”
–Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times best-selling author of Happy for No Reason, Love For No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

Author Events

Talk One – General Overview of the Book and Transformational NLP
Carl Buchheit, PhD, has developed a new type of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) that he discusses in the book, Transformational NLP, that he wrote with intellectual historian Ellie Schamber, PhD. In his presentation, Carl will talk about topics covered in the book. Carl will explain that people have four brains, not just one, and the difficulty they have achieving their goals and becoming the people they want to be because of conflicting messages from the four brains.

Then Carl will discuss how Transformational NLP addresses this problem. He will describe the history of NLP and the original discoveries that started the NLP revolution as well as the unique contribution of Transformational NLP.  He will explain what NLP is, how it works at such deep levels, why it can be so effective, and how it creates lasting change. He will also include some audience participation to demonstrate a few Transformational NLP change and communication basics.

Everyone attending will learn a completely new way to understand and make sense of their experience of being human, as well as some specific ideas about why their current relationships and other communication situations unfold the way they do. In addition, everyone will leave with some simple but amazingly powerful ways to directly change (improve) the feelings that are associated with any experience he or she encounters in daily life.

Bookstore: Suggested talk 45-50 minutes and Q & A and book signing.

Talk Two – Transformational NLP and Mysticism
Carl Buchheit, PhD, has developed a new type of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) that he discusses in the book, Transformational NLP, that he wrote with intellectual historian Ellie Schamber, PhD. In his presentation, Carl will talk about some of the mystical aspects of Transformational NLP that he discussed in the book.

Carl will describe the differences between the Newtonian and quantum world views in physics, especially regarding the nature of reality and consciousness, and show how Transformational NLP facilitates personal transformation in alignment with some of science’s most intriguing ideas about the relationship between the future and the present. He will discuss what he calls “the primacy of conscious choice,” its “non-local” role in selecting reality, and how it is humans are supported–but not determined–by the facts of their history.

Each presentation will focus on a different aspect of mysticism in Transformational NLP, and some will include demonstrations that may include audience participation. For example, in some presentations Carl may describe how self-limiting behavior patterns are passed down through generations, and how people (unconsciously) hurt themselves out of loyalty to their ancestors. Carl may then demonstrate how we can resolve these issues through a method called the family constellation. The audience would be invited to observe or participate in a constellation so people can experience for themselves this amazing intervention that works through time and space and can have a profound effect on their own lives. Other presentations focus on other mystical themes and interventions that Carl evolved to facilitate personal transformation.

Presentation: Suggested talk 45-50 minutes plus demo, Q &A and book signing.

Q&A with Carl Buchheit author of
Transformational NLP: A New Psychology

Q: What inspired you to write the book?
CB: Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP) is at an interesting place in its development. Everyone has heard about the field of psychology, and many people have heard about life and success coaching. But fewer people have heard of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and of those who do know about NLP, many have encountered some severely distorted, sometimes actually unsavory, versions of it. In this book, I wanted to provide a comprehensive history of NLP, and to show that although NLP is a revolutionary methodology, it is firmly based on the intellectual legacy of Western philosophy, psychology, and science. I also wanted to describe the intentions of the forebears as well as the founders of this new methodology, so people could see how, for better or worse, some of the newer generation veered off the original track and went in many different directions. Finally, I wanted to explain how Transformational NLP fits into this context. It is my contention that Transformational NLP is aligned with the original intent of the forebears of NLP, who were looking for procedures that could be used in the context of psychotherapy rather than stand-alone techniques. I also wanted to provide a clear explanation of the evolution and basic concepts of Transformational NLP for the benefit of my students at NLP Marin as well as the wider public.

Q: How Did NLP Start?
CB: Neuro-Linguistic Programming was developed in the early-to-middle 1970s by John Grinder, a professor of linguistics at the University of California in Santa Cruz, and Richard Bandler, one of his brilliant students. They wondered how it is that people with similar education, training, background, and years of experience were achieving widely varying results ranging from wonderful to mediocre or worse. That wondering led to two questions: “What is the difference that is making the difference? Is it possible to identify the differences that make the difference between excellence and the lack of it?” and “If so, can we make these differences teachable and learnable to enhance life experience for everyone?” In short, they set out to “model” human excellence in such fields as education, business and therapy. What emerged from their work came to be called Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Q: What does the name “Neuro-Linguistic Programming” mean?
CB: Neuro refers to the brain and neural pathways of the human organism through which our experience is processed via our five senses (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory, and gustatory). Linguistic is about the content that moves across and along these pathways. It is about the language and nonverbal communication systems through which our neural representations are coded, ordered, and given meaning. These include: pictures, sounds, feelings, tastes, smells, and words. Programming is the way the content is directed, sequenced, and connected by each of us to produce the thinking patterns and behaviors that are our experience of life.

Through our neuro-linguistic programming process, we each create our own, unique internal map of reality that determines our view of reality and our beliefs about life and ourselves. However, as we say in NLP, “The map is not the territory” — it is not necessarily the same as external reality. Often our internal map is inaccurate, outdated, and self-limiting. If we change our map, we can change our experience of life. Training in NLP provides the ability to discover and change these programs that make up our map, to assist us to have new experiences in life that are more satisfying, fulfilling, and enjoyable.

Think of it as being like a railroad system. The Neuro part of NLP is like the tracks. Linguistic is the engines and cars. Programming is how the switches are set. How the switches are set determines where the engines and cars go. With the switches set a particular way, the train can only follow a particular path that is determined by how those switches are set. In this analogy, the objective of NLP is to assist you to change how your switches are set.

Q: What is the difference between NLP and Transformational NLP?
CB: The term NLP covers a lot of varied territory. NLP is an amazing toolbox for communication and change, for connection with people and change within ourselves. In contrast to psychotherapy, the focus is on the structure of experience rather than only the content. An NLP practitioner pays more attention to how experience is structured than why it happened, and he or she changes the client’s experience by changing the structure of the representations that are causing the suffering.

There are some major differences between conventional NLP and Transformational NLP. One significant difference is that mainstream NLP tends to use stand-alone techniques, done while standing or walking. Transformational NLP works while seated in conversation that looks like psychotherapy, although the practitioner uses many of the tools of NLP during the conversation.

In recent years NLP has become identified with things like covert persuasion in sales, so-called “speed seduction” in pick-up bars, and other unsavory applications. It’s true that NLP shows us how to step into other people’s “maps of reality,” and that this helps people to feel safe and welcome with us, and that this goes a long way to increasing influence on others. But Transformational NLP is not about persuading others about anything; it’s about changing our experience of being ourselves, so that we can have more and more of what we truly want and value in life.

Q: Well, how does it do that?
CB: The founders of NLP, John Grinder and Richard Bandler, noticed that internal representations (of images, voices, smells, tastes, touch, and emotions) are correlated with externally observable, real-time changes in the physical body. They taught their students to observe external signals, such as eye movements, as cues to gain immediate knowledge of the clients’ purely internal, and usually unconscious, processes. In Transformational NLP, we extended this methodology and use it to discover the original or a representative image of a childhood trauma. We can access the unconscious imprint of the trauma, along with the beliefs and decisions that were originally created along with it, and bring them into present, conscious awareness. Then we use a method called “re-imprinting” to revise these imprinted representations that form the basis of the person’s identity, beliefs, and behavior. The result is that the person has more choice in his or her life.

Q: How has NLP helped students who have taken your courses?
CB: Some people participate in NLP Marin trainings so that they may learn the NLP toolbox for use in work and professional applications. Others take the courses to experience personal transformation. Many people are eager to have both kinds of experiences. Whichever focus a person may have, everyone ultimately gains both benefits—personal change and professional growth—because these two outcomes are always connected.

Transformational NLP promotes personal transformation at a deep level. The class format at NLP Marin combines the presentation of NLP (both conventional and Transformational NLP) theories and tools for communication and change, frequent live demonstrations of everything related to what is being taught, and much student practice of the material. Students are encouraged to speak up with questions and comments and to share about their experience and personal stories. When students talk about the traumas and challenges in their personal histories, they discover that they are not unique or alone in these experiences and that the other students have similar issues. When they describe the personality and behavior patterning they have that they do not want, they are more and more able to dis-identify with them. Students learn that who they are is not their personality or behavior patterning, or even their beliefs, and that any of this can be changed. This dis-identification is reinforced as the students practice the changework they are learning.

Q: What do your practice and classes in NLP Marin do?
CB: The first question a Transformational NLP practitioner asks is, “What would you like?” Whatever your answer, we proceed with the assumption that if what you desire is possible for anyone, it is possible for you. For all humans, having the experience we want in life is a function of two things: how we view and represent life (ourselves, others, the world, and life itself) in our mind, and how we relate to (understand, connect with, and communicate with) those with whom we interact in our lives. Personal change results from new perceptions about self and life. Transformational
NLP does not tell you what you should believe. Rather, it assists you to reveal and release those beliefs and perceptions that have limited you, and then congruently integrate new beliefs and perceptions that make the life experience you desire possible. In addition, Transformational NLP courses teach a practical model for understanding human behavior and specific tools that enable students to express themselves more effectively in their personal and professional lives.

When I work with an individual client or with a number of students in a class, everything we do is geared toward personal transformation so that the client or students can get the changes they want and achieve the goals they seek. For example, when I do a change-work demonstration with a student as the subject who has volunteered to work in front of the class, everyone in the room benefits. The students learn by watching the demonstration how it is that humans create and get caught in negative patterning, and how this old patterning can be revised. In addition to having a chance to observe theory being put directly into practice, many students spontaneously identify with the experience of the demonstration subject to the extent that the change-work integrates into them as well. Because we do not discuss problems without also describing and implementing solutions, the very pain and confusion that are such a large part of being human become catalysts that open the way to better, more fulfilling experiences in the future.

The students are asked to apply new ideas and tools almost immediately after they are first offered. They spend much of each class day sitting in small groups, trying out every new method that is presented. A teaching assistant facilitates each practice group, answering questions and assisting in any way that may be helpful. Each student takes turns programming another student, being programmed, and observing one student program another. When students practice with one another, the so-called subject, programmer, and observer all experience healing and change that brings them closer to their personal goal. They also learn how to work with potential future clients to assist them in the transformation they want so they can achieve their desires.

Praise for Transformational NLP and
the Work of Carl Buchheit

Buchheit and Schamber’s long-awaited masterwork explains the origins, elegance, and evolution of the most effective personal transformation technology on the planet. As a former student and client of Carl, I saw a significant improvement in my personal life and my ability to help others. Every change agent and student of personal growth will want to read this book, refer to it, keep it close by! – Christine Comaford, executive coach to Peak Performers, Presidential advisor, and bestselling author of Smart Tribes: How Teams Become Brilliant Together

Transformational NLP is one of the most important books to be written in our time. Carl Buchheit has synthesized the breakthrough psychology and consciousness achievements of the previous century with his own brilliant version of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. The result is a body of knowledge as well as practical tools that contribute effectively to our ongoing task to understand why and how we are the way we are. More importantly, because this new psychology is founded in NLP, Buchheit shows us how to use these tools to live more creatively, respectfully and peacefully, with ourselves and with each other. –Irving S. Katz, PhD, chancellor of International University for Professional Studies

I am a former student and client of Carl Buchheit. His Transformational NLP was of tremendous value for me. I am a much happier and more effective person because of my time spent working with and learning from Carl. He taught me to understand and use my positive capabilities, while learning how to see the good in and strengths of others. His book Transformational NLP is filled with insights that will change your life. –Carl Pennypacker, PhD, astrophysicist at University of California, Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

In this groundbreaking book, Carl Buchheit has given us the pieces that have been missing from the world of spiritual and mind-body practices. His discoveries of how spirit, mind, and body can be brought into alignment open the way for us to not only become who we truly want to be but for us to work with one another with new depth and respect for the experience of being human. I believe that Buchheit’s work is essential for all practitioners in the fields of consciousness and wellbeing—and for anyone who aspires to live with inner fulfillment and contribute to planetary peace. –Debra Poneman, bestselling author of Yes to Success

In my life I have crossed the paths of a handful of teachers and mentors who were offering something so useful and powerful that it forever changed what was possible for me in my life. Carl Buchheit is at the top of my very short list of such mentors. From studying Transformational NLP with Carl for many years, my existing coaching practice got better by leaps and bounds and light years. And I personally shifted into the person I had been trying to become for my entire life, and at ease with my self and the world. Access Carl in his brilliant new book Transformational NLP! –Lyana Silver, relationship coach and author of Feminine Genius

Carl Buchheit is a one-of-a-kind loveable genius who speaks to the heart of transformation. He is the one of the true elders of transformational work, the Nicola Tesla of change work! Carl’s work has touched my life as well as the lives of countless others. In addition to helping me personally, his teachings have added greater depth to my own teachings and trainings. Transformational NLP provides every person with a chance to tap into Buchheit’s deep wisdom. –Jeffrey Slayter, motivational speaker, executive leadership trainer, and best-selling author of Imagine: Start a Revolution in Your Life and Business

I have worked with Carl for the past four years as both a student and a client. I have experienced greater shifts in my relationship with my self, with my loved ones and with my work in in this time with Carl than with any other practitioner in any other modality of work prior to this. His approach enables more choice with greater ease than other approaches. The result is that people can become more of who they are and less at odds with themselves, others, and life itself. I encourage everyone to read Transformational NLP. –Khalid Halim, founder of, coach for entrepreneurs

Carl Buchheit started to change my life even before I met him, because several of my mentors had already been Carl’s students and clients. They guided me to change patterns of working too hard, losing money, being overweight, and not living in happiness. The changes in my life were so profound that I decided to study with Carl himself. Now my life has achieved much higher levels of fulfillment and my effectiveness with clients has greatly increased. I am so grateful to have found this new approach to change work. Through all of us who have learned so much from him, Carl’s work is changing the world. –Steve Napolitan, motivational speaker, business coach, international bestselling author of Capture Clients, Close Deals

Carl Buchheit is a modern-day magician. How can you achieve the ambitious goals you set for yourself? By having rapport with yourself! Carl shows you how. In this wonderful book, he shares all of the tools and new perspectives at the root of his remarkable work. –Katia Verresen, CEO of KVA Leadership

Carl Buchheit’s Transformational NLP offers a new perspective on why we humans have limiting beliefs and behavior patterns. His approaches and methods enable people to have more choice over their lives thus providing the potential for them to achieve fulfillment and inner peace. –Sharon Tennison, founder of Center for Citizen Initiatives and author of The Power of Impossible Ideas

Before I met Carl, I had what appeared on the surface to be a pretty good life. However, at the core of my being were strong beliefs of worthlessness and victimization stabilized by states of terror, hopelessness, and helplessness. After almost four years of working with Carl as a client and participating in NLP Marin classes, I am leading the same good life, but my identity is different: I now have a deeper rapport with myself, with others, and with life in general. I have more choice in what I believe, what I feel, and how I live my life. Instead of terror and hopelessness, I have found peace. –Patricia Gay, CPA, Forestville, CA

I first experienced Carl Buchheit’s style of NLP in a private session. At the time my father was dying from cancer, and I felt guilty that I could not save him. I was also struggling to build my business, and although it was beginning to take off, I felt stressed-out and overall terrible. I was having success on one hand, but suffering on the other. In just two hours with Carl, I found release from ten months of heartache, crushing guilt, and stress. As I continued to work with Carl and NLP Marin for the following three-and-a-half years, my business has flourished (earning more than six figures each year), my relationship with my partner has been phenomenal, and I now have the financial and emotional freedom to travel frequently around the globe doing the work I love. -Jon Low, Director of Fractal Enterprise, Sydney, Australia

I’ve tried a lot of transformational work. I’ve walked barefoot over sizzling coals, written a poem in my own blood, been given access to CEO-only best practices from a $350M organization, and been mentored by a billionaire. And out of all of that, nothing helped changes stick in my neurology over the long term until I experienced Carl Buchheit’s Transformational NLP.

Before I met Carl, I used to carry a knife in my pocket. This represented my need to constantly make sure I was adequately defending myself from the world and the people around me. After taking several courses at NLP Marin, I no longer feel like I’m constantly defending myself from life – instead, I’m embracing it. I’m now also able to help my clients achieve their goals in days or weeks instead of months or years. –Zach Luczynski, Executive Coach, San Diego, CA

When I first met Carl Buchheit in 1994 at an NLP Marin free seminar, I had no idea in how many ways, and how deeply, my life was about to change. Carl was clearly an exceptional teacher, and what he was teaching was absolutely revolutionary. Just from some simple techniques in the free workshop, I could feel things change within me– things that years of therapy hadn’t made a dent in. I signed up for the training on the spot.In addition to taking the course, I did private sessions with Carl about once a month for the first year. It wasn’t until after the changes from the course and the sessions with Carl had integrated, that I realized how deeply unhappy and frozen I had been. Twenty plus years later, I am so much more at peace with myself and the world, so much happier, and thriving in ways that I didn’t even know were possible before. In the mid-1990s I became a full-time practitioner of Transformational NLP and a trainer at NLP Marin, and I have seen profound shifts and transformations in thousands of students and clients resulting from this amazing work. – Michelle Masters, NLP Practitioner and Trainer, San Rafael, CA

I came to see Carl out of curiosity. I had heard about a teacher in Marin who was showing people tools to communicate better with themselves and others, and helping people achieve great results professionally and personally. I was intrigued, but skeptical. After meeting Carl I signed up for his training and was truly astonished by the depth of his knowledge and heart. He has a truly brilliant mind, and his skill and humor in the front of the room create a safe and inclusive space to explore and grow. Carl teaches from a framework that presupposes that the availability of change and transformation lies within each of us. He uses the NLP toolbox as well as tools from traditional psychology to point the way for us to achieve our personal and professional goals through personal transformation.

I had very specific financial goals that I wanted to accomplish. As the training progressed and those goals started to materialize, I decided to explore something far deeper than finances. For as long as I remember I had carried a defensive anger. The anger, and the rage that seemed to lie just beneath the surface, that would sometimes spark to life and create problems in work and relationships. So after taking classes with Carl I went to see him for personal, one-to-one sessions. His patience, his ability to help me establish “rapport” with the parts of myself that I had been in opposition to my entire life, and his capacity to then help me shift my experience of myself, was amazing. My personal and professional relationships have greatly improved, I am well on the path to accomplishing my financial goals, and I have more and more enjoyment of life. –Kenya Thomas, Corporate Trainer Networking Engineers, Sacramento, CA

I met Carl Buchheit during a calamitous period of grief, coupled with a steady undercurrent of rage. My friend told me about NLP Marin’s free workshop, where I heard the words that changed my life: “Whatever we have learned to survive is coded as necessary for our survival.” Desperate to break the cycle I was in, I signed up for the beginning course. I had previously benefited from a lot of personal development and coaching training, but NLP Marin’s unique hands-on program gave me tools to understand and work with the structure of my experience in ways that have made change accessible. In classes and in private sessions, Carl perceptively and skillfully helped me work through things that have held me back so I could reach out for uncomplicated well-being without giving up things I value. I am grateful every day that I walked through Carl’s door. -Jillian Elliott, COO of Illuminate, San Francisco

It’s a challenge to put into words what Transformational NLP has meant to my personal and spiritual growth. Before I took classes at NLP Marin, I was living in a small box. I did not know how to escape from my self-imposed isolation. I had the experience of feeling terrified, frustrated, and angry about my life.

In the Introductory Workshop I heard Carl say, “You can design your experience.” The implications for me were significant. If that was true then that meant that I could have the experiences that I wanted instead of the ongoing experience of pain and suffering. A few months later I was in the class. It was an amazing and life-changing experience! Carl has a unique ability to explain complex and esoteric concepts so that we can utilize the teachings in our own lives. Increasingly, I noticed my classmates opening up, and I experienced my own healing. Then I had some private sessions with Carl and experienced even more profound personal change. Through Transformational NLP I was able to transform my life from being based on avoidance of pain to having ongoing choice about what I want to experience. I changed jobs and got married, and I am the happiest I have ever been in my adult life. –Kenny Brown, Insurance/Bank Auditor, Alameda, CA

I have made so many wonderful changes because of Carl’s superb work, that I hardly remember the prior version of myself. I first heard about Transformational NLP at an introductory workshop. I was in the middle of a very large shift in my personal life and I wanted to go into a new profession. Initially I worked with Carl as a client in private sessions. Later I took classes at NLP Marin. In my private sessions with Carl, he had me laughing through my life story and feeling more and more okay with myself. I can’t quite tell you what he did or what worked, just that I’d walk out of each session knowing that something was different. Over the course of working with him and benefiting from his brilliant change work, my life got easier, and I had a new, more positive sense of self and belonging. And I smiled more—a lot more. I was professionally more effective, and I was personally happier.

Carl made the things he did look simple. He facilitated changes in me that I didn’t know were possible and couldn’t even imagine for myself. It’s only by the brilliance of Carl’s genius that I’ve been able to make my way into this wonderful life that I have now. I owe him so much, beyond measure. –Lisa Stark, Business Consultant, San Francisco, CA

Coming from a childhood of neglect and abuse, I spent many years crying in the offices of various therapists. I was stuck in extremely painful emotional patterns and unwanted behaviors. Relentlessly seeking relief, I tried more and more alternative therapies. In desperation, I wound up at Carl’s door wondering what Transformational NLP was about and if it could it help me. To my amazement, the answer was an overwhelming “yes.”

After a few months of working with Carl I thought, “Change shouldn’t be this much fun!” With Carl the word “breakthrough” became a regular part of my vocabulary — so much so that I joined his classes at NLP Marin so I would have buddies with whom to talk about these “aha” moments. Carl’s Transformational NLP allowed me to put my past in the past — where it belongs — so I could have more choice in the present and future. I now have more self-confidence and closer, more positive relationships, and I am now painting and doing other activities I had dreamed of all my life. I am so much happier. I owe Carl so much for what he has done for me. –Katharine Holland, Realtor, San Francisco, CA

Before I met Carl, I was experiencing many symptoms of PTSD. I had served in the army as a medic during Desert Storm and then as a fireman. After retiring at 39 due to injuries sustained in the line of duty, I became a business owner of a holistic health care clinic. However, I continued to experience symptoms of post-traumatic stress and survival patterning. I exhibited addictive behaviors such as excessive use of alcohol and pharmaceutical painkillers. I also became obsessive about some activities. For example, for several years I became a professional athlete as an escape from thinking about the traumas I experienced while I was in the army and fire service. However, I was not aware of why I was doing this until I met Carl.

I first saw Carl in a private session to resolve a serious family conflict. Then I began going to the classes at NLP Marin, while I continued to see him privately. Amazingly, everything has changed in my life. In my family, communications have improved dramatically. My occupations, including snowboarding, are now a matter of choice rather than addiction or obsession. I am rarely triggered by other people or situations the way I used to be. I have more energy and more focus, and I am more productive in my work and my life in general. Since completing my training at NLP Marin, I have begun working with Veterans and First Responders (Fire/Police/EMS) to address the lasting effects of trauma they experience in the line of duty. I am so much happier in every aspect of my life. I’m at a loss for words to express my appreciation for Carl Buchheit and Transformational NLP. –Mick Connolly, Business Owner, San Francisco, CA

I have always been interested in personal development. As a healthcare professional, I have also looked for ways to help others improve their lives. I originally went to see Carl with my husband for help in resolving a family issue. It was so helpful that I began taking classes at NLP Marin so I could further my own understanding and development and help my patients. The classes and private sessions with Carl transformed my relationship with my husband. All of my other personal relationships got better as well, my interactions with my employees improved, and I was able to have better communication with my patients. Most importantly, I became calmer, happier, and more focused in progressing toward my life goals. –Denise Wood, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, San Francisco, CA

I was eager to understand how I and other humans function, and I wanted to improve myself. I felt relatively content, but I also had the feeling that there could be more to life. I read a basic NLP book and was very interested in the description of how people process information and decided to learn more about it. However when I went to the NLP Marin Free Introductory Workshop, I realized that there was much more to it. I was struck by Carl Buchheit’s unique presence and ability to connect with people. He made a personal connection with each person individually and with all of them as a group. It was almost like shape-shifting to match each person. I wanted to understand how he did that.

After taking several courses at NLP Marin, and seeing Carl privately, I learned much more than how to communicate with people. I now have a deeper understanding of what it means to be human, and I have more love and compassion for others and more confidence in myself. I am much happier with myself and with my life. –Yayoi Lewis, Feldenkreis teacher, San Rafael, CA

When I came to NLP Marin, I was in the field of professional development in K-12 education and social services. I took the courses for my own professional development and for the skill set to design, deliver, and teach professional development. What I have learned professionally is invaluable. It has informed my work as an educator, a project manager, and a communication and change consultant.

However, I have also experienced a lot of personal growth. I learned to look at my and others’ experiences in a completely different way. I discovered that I can have choice about the experiences I have and I can affect the experiences of people around me as well. This learning came at an important time for me because I had challenging job and I was an involved parent of three. Carl offered me resources that enable me to deal with the challenges in my life. I don’t get as angry as before. The courses have also helped me support others emotionally. Overall, Carl’s teachings have made me a happier person. –Linda Blong, PhD, Facilitator, Educator and Coach, Sonoma, CA

As an advertising and marketing consultant, I first enrolled in NLP Marin to learn more about my target audiences: I wanted to understand how they think and form opinions. I thought it might make me a better marketer. Little did I know that I would be stumbling upon pure gold–a teaching and a teacher that would precipitate a seismic shift in my entire worldview.

How often in life do we have the luck to be born in the time and place to actually meet a genius and a legendary teacher? What I would give to have been able to have a session with Carl Jung, Marie-Louise von Franz, Virginia Satir, or Milton Erickson. Carl Buchheit is up there with all of them! I have no doubt he will go down in history as a master at uncovering the inner hidden impulses that cause us to attract the same type of person over and over again and the patterns the keep us from our goals. He is also a master at teaching people how to model new behaviors and accept different outcomes for themselves. I am first-hand proof that this is the fastest, most cost-effective way (no years of therapy) to affect real, deep, lasting changes in behavior. I have had dozens of sessions with him resulting in fast phobia cures, attainment of “Big Hairy Audacious Goals” in my art career, and more. I have sent dozens of my friends and family to him, and they all agree that what transpires is nothing less than miraculous. Thank you Carl and NLP Marin for making a tremendous difference in my life, in my family’s life, and in the world. –France Viana, Artist, San Francisco, CA

As an executive coach, a consultant to business leaders and teams as well as individuals, I was looking for ways to facilitate extraordinary results. Another executive coach spoke very highly of her experience with Carl Buchheit and Transformational NLP. She said that this modality transforms unwanted patterns like nothing else she ever experienced. This inspired me to sign up for the NLP Marin courses, and I can now say the same, both for myself personally and for my

The classes at NLP Marin and several private sessions with Carl have helped me change unwanted painful personal patterns in relationships with people I love most dearly. Transformational NLP offers a life-changing mind-set shift that opens the gates for new choice-making and an overall feeling of wellbeing and inner peace. I also learned how to help my clients achieve this ability to have more choice. This has taken my coaching and leadership practice to the next level. This testimonial from one of my clients captures the astonishing impact of Transformational NLP in changing behaviors and lives:

“We are enormously grateful to Jillia for the work she has done with our 17-year-old daughter. Within three short months, we have seen a remarkable change in our daughter’s behavior. [This method] helped heal our child’s infant-based trauma where other approaches failed. For the first time, our daughter is experiencing genuine relief from her trauma and severe-stress fears which she has lived with her entire life.”

-Jillia Wharton, Executive Coach, San Francisco, CA

I first came to NLP Marin to improve my technical coaching skills so I could be better at helping my clients. I had recently started a career development coaching practice and had found that I was adept at helping people to articulate their dreams, but then they often would not go after them. I didn’t have the tools I needed to help people address limiting beliefs and behaviors, so I wasn’t getting good results. It didn’t occur to me that I myself was in need of personal growth.

Every day of the class simply blew my mind, and I found that the biggest thing I had to learn was not technical skill, but how to work on myself. Carl’s teachings and the class practice sessions have changed my life. I am hugely grateful for the gifts of personal knowledge and spiritual understanding that Carl has given me—and I got new and improved skills too! –Janet Schieferdecker, Coach in Leadership Development, San Rafael, CA