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Transformational NLP: A New Psychology has the following five-star ratings on

Excellent book both professionally and personally

“I’m a health care practitioner and I’m passionate about personal development. This book covers areas that help me both be a better practitioner for my patients and also helps me in my own life. That is when I know I’ve found a true gem of a book. It’s jam packed with information that is so useful to me clinically and allows me to hold a deeper understanding of what is going on for my patients, especially on an ancestral level. Reading a well written personal development book is my favorite way to learn and integrate new material. The author’s insights are profound and I appreciate the how useful the information is. Thank you for writing such a helpful book.”
—Denise Wood

Deeply revealing and inspiring

“Carl Buchheit is truly at the forefront of the personal transformation movement. His understandings of how people get stuck and also how they can transform their lives is profound and inspiring. He offers not only hope for how we can transform, but also deep respect and appreciation for the human condition, even when it is painful and heartbreaking. Transformational NLP is a must read for anyone wanting to move forward into a better experience of life and themselves.”
—Michelle Masters

Truly inspirational!

“This book clearly lays out the history of NLP and the magic Carl has brought about in refining his version of it. Of special significance to me are the insights I gained which provided me with a deeper understanding of unwanted aspects of my behavior which have eluded me for years, despite my best efforts to recognize and change them. These repeated behaviors, mostly unconscious, involved attracting long-standing unhealthy relationships which have kept me in a rather vulnerable space with low self-esteem for many years. After reading this amazing book, I now have a much better sense of the manner in which this occurs and I now feel freer and more confident to explore ways of choosing different paths with grace and forgiveness of all that has come before. The book is beautifully written by Carl and Ellie and a true gift to anyone interested in personal transformation.”


Transformational NLP offers a new understanding of why and how we have limiting beliefs and get stuck in self-destructive behavior patterns. It also shows us how to have more choice in our lives. This book can change your life! I highly recommend it!”
—Ilona Marshall

A must read for anyone interested on change work

Transformational NLP (T NLP), by Dr. Carl Buchheit and Dr. Ellie Schamber, offers the reader a condensed, though thorough history of the origins and contributors to the development of NLP as an effective technique to work with human behavior and learning. In addition, the book describes the qualitative differences between traditional NLP and T NLP. Readers learn that our minds function as a collective system, and that most of our self-limiting beliefs, which are out of consciousness, originate from how we interpreted and survived ‘traumatic’ experiences in our early period of life, and/or from our sense of love and devotion to our ancestral lineage. The book also describes how, T NLP practitioners lead their clients into revising and updating self-limiting beliefs into a more current and useful belief structure. T NLP is a must read for anyone interested on change work.”
—Alvaro Dominguezer

Interesting, Useful and Truly Transformational!

“An enjoyable read, with profound applications in personal, professional and community areas of one’s life. Covers broad topics as well as specific approaches and techniques in service of enhancing our own, or another’s experience. Highly recommend this book!”
—Mary Patricia

High Approval

“I have been involved with life coaching for the past 20 years and while the other programs have been effective and certainly helped me with my chronic depression, nothing has changed me as much as Carl’s insight on how the human psyche works. Carl’s awareness of the many different approaches towards transformation is on a different level, encompassing psychology, mysticism, religion and, of course, NLP. And all done with a sense of humor which, for me keeps, it more human. A definite recommendation for anyone seeking self transformation of improving their own client practice.”
—Jonathan Hyman

The illumination of universal mind

“As a former student and client of Carl’s, I am thrilled to see the material that we covered put into a readable format for people to explore in their own manner. The holographic model and transformational perspective takes NLP into a deeper realm that widens the lens to reveal how the mysterious nature of the universe speaks to each and every one of us in our every day lives. I believe we are living in deeply challenging/remarkable times and in the fluctuation as a species and collective consciousness, we need voices like Carl and Ellie to shed light into our darkness. This book acts as a candle for the changes we so yearn for- inside and out. You will be glad you chose to dive in. May it illuminate your path forward.”
—Akasha Christy

A long-awaited book

“This is a long-awaited book. As a student of Carl’s and NLP Marin, I was very excited to learn Carl had written it. I found the work to be truly transformational in my own life, and honestly, I want to SHARE it with the world. This book/this work will introduce people to a very unique and respectful way to make desired changes in their lives. The man is a genius, and a modest one. This book includes the early history of NLP as well as Carl’s own significant and soulful contributions to the science of NLP. Change takes time, but it doesn’t have to take as much time as we think. Due to Carl Buchheit’s offerings at NLP Marin, my life has been enhanced in sometimes dramatic ways; and lately, thankfully, in subtle and more elegant ways as I age. I am very happy to give this book its deserved five stars.”
—Kathleen Q

This book takes NLP a giant step forward

“This book moves the science and art of NLP forward a big step. All valuable systems of therapy and thought must evolve. I appreciate how Buchheit and Schamber have integrated the quantum physical perspectives of Bohm and others in expanding NLP from the level of the mind only. The mind is powerful, but can only heal itself to a limited perspective. A higher force or power is required for lasting transformation. This book makes this connection beautifully, and I expect it will become a classic in its field.”
—Darren Starwynn

A great book. Highly recommended!

“This book has answered most of the big questions I’ve had about NLP over the years. Having studied NLP with Carl Buchheit and read many books on the subject, I have often wondered how much of what I’ve learned is standard NLP vs. NLP Marin’s version. Since NLP does not have a central governing authority that dictates an official approach to NLP, it’s important for practitioners to understand the different schools of thought within NLP. This book does an outstanding job at showing the origins and development of NLP, and putting it into context. Much of this history is not available anywhere else, since it based on Carl’s personal experience and discussions with those who evolved NLP. Carl’s contributions to NLP are covered in some detail and should expand the horizons of NLP practitioners. I highly recommend this book!”
—N. Pefley

Nothing else out there comes close…

I’ve used NLP for years, both personally and professionally. I’ve worked with many talented practitioners, and my own systems of magic and manifesting are heavily influenced by NLP, because the toolkit is stunningly effective. From that place, I can hand-to-heart say that nothing else comes close to what you’ll learn from Carl at NLP Marin. They have elevated this powerful modality and have added so much useful material that you simply will not find elsewhere. Transformational NLP takes NLP out of the realm of merely technique and elevates it to the artistry that has been there all along; this book gives you the lay of the land (along with insights and models you can use right away). If you’re serious about real change work with your clients, NLP Marin is the place, and this is the book you want.
—Elizabeth Purvis

Transformational NLP Is One of The Greatest Learning Tools Available Today

“I have been fortunate enough to be present for Carl’s teachings at NLP Marin and can honestly say that what Carl teaches and – possibly more importantly – the WAY he (and the other amazing trainers) teaches is astounding. The teachings are less about telling students what is “right” and what is “wrong” and more about encouraging students to discover their own human experience and adjust as they see fit. NLP basics are covered and SO MUCH MORE! Not simple little “parlor” tips and tricks. Carl’s teachings help those who want it learn how to be better, more integral human beings (no, really). Carl’s humor has always enraptured me – especially in the moments when internal walls are being torn down so as to create something better within…he always has managed to put a smile on my face and laughter in my heart. I highly recommend this book if for no other reason than to get a better understanding of the true capability of NLP beyond whatever Google might be showing you (good, bad or indifferent). This book MIGHT just change your life.”
—Celeste Noelle