Individual Sessions

Carl Buchheit offers private sessions for individuals and couples. Each session is usually two hours long and can be done in person or on-line (via Skype, Zoom, etc). The client is welcome to bring anything he or she wants to change or improve into the session. Over forty years, Carl has developed innovative, extremely effective methodologies to help people achieve their goals and change unwanted beliefs and behavior patterns. His objectives for his clients are that they experience all of the change they want and that they do not have to use will power or struggle to be different.

Family Constellations are often an essential part of doing complete change work, because unconscious trans-generational entanglements are usually part of our personal suffering. Whereas individual session work is aimed at revealing and revising programming in our own brains, the constellation inquires about the entire family system of which we are just one part, and it does this outside the conventional boundaries of time and space. Constellation work reveals the hidden forces that operate behind our most hard-to-change personal struggles, and opens the way toward allowing even these kinds of life-long patterns to update and change in positive ways.

“With regard to the past, let’s operate and relate with ourselves and each other as if we had no choice. With regard to the future, let’s operate and relate with ourselves and each other as if we have nothing but choice.”
—Carl Buchheit