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Introduction to Transformational NLP

This five-part video series is about the history of NLP and the evolution of Carl’s Transformational NLP. The videos feature Carl talking informally about some of the insights that led to the development of his unique approaches.

Evenings with Carl

The Universe as a Bottom-Up Neural Net

An Evening with Carl from April 2013

In this 90-minute video, Carl Buchheit explains that the universe is neither punishing nor rewarding, but rather a “mirroring” universe. He describes how this sometimes causes heartbreaking consequences. Carl discusses how we get ourselves into trouble by resisting the mirroring universe and clarifies how we can create more of what we want without resistance.

Identity, Neurophysiology, and Functional Faith

An Evening with Carl from June 2014

How can we apply the latest discoveries in neuroscience to our approach to personal change? In this 65-minute talk, Carl explains an updated paradigm of neural development, and illuminates how we can it put it to work to make our lives increasingly better over time.

Beyond Guilt and Innocence

An Evening with Carl from April 2017

As humans we are always maneuvering with the dichotomy between guilt and innocence. This is entirely natural: Guilt feels bad and is thought to mean negative things, and innocence feels good and goes with positive sensations of safety and belonging. However, as Carl observes:

“Both Guilt and Innocence are toxic, pernicious and destructive life stances. When we use them as metrics to assess, assist or assert the validity of our experience, or to diminish the validity of another’s experience or condition, we destroy all well-being for everyone, including ourselves, wherever we are. There has to be a better way!” That better way will be revealed in this video.

That Which Cannot Be Distorted: Our Ultimate Resource State?

An Evening with Carl from July 2017

In this seminar Carl shares an insightful discovery from a constellation. The 90-minute video explores a fascinating resource that can assist us to be in rapport with ourselves and our experiences. This resource does not seek to add, remove, or disrupt “What Is.”

Free Will and Freeing Will: How Much Positive Can You Handle Being Doomed To?

An Evening with Carl from October 2017

During this talk, Carl explores the human inclination to confine ourselves within whatever “good enough” and “free enough” boundaries of possibility and belonging we have gotten ourselves used to. We all tend to live in a private “Goldilocks Zone” where things are “just right” even though they could be a lot better. In this video, Carl will take you through a journey of freeing your will, so that new possibilities will open up without overturning good order and good connections in your life.

Thoughts and Feelings That Have a Life of Their Own: How to Design a God

An Evening with Carl from October 2018

This 2-hour talk will stretch your thinking. It will illuminate an important aspect of the nature of your experiences (both wanted and unwanted), and assist you to re-design the rules that govern your current experience.

There are some philosophies with ancient origins about thoughts that become things. These thoughts become autonomous beings that have intimate and often influential relationships with the thinkers of the thoughts that create and sustain them. If this is true, who, or what, are the beings we have created? How do our connections with them affect our connections with ourselves, with others, and with life in general? Perhaps it is time to have some new thoughts. What would we like?

Interview of Carl Buchheit by Steve Bhaerman

podcast iconIn this podcast interview, Steve and Carl talk about how Carl got started in NLP, what NLP means to Carl, what is unique about Transformational NLP, and how personal change can be the basis for societal transformation. They also discuss the role of Transformational NLP in the anticipated social “upwising.”   Listen Now »